About CoE

Chronicles of Ecuador (abbrev. CoE, refers not to ‘Certificate of Entitlement’ that Singaporeans need to purchase cars) is started for the authors, who are Singaporeans, to journal their new life in Quito, Ecuador, and for continual communication with their beloved friends in Singapore.

Spiritually reborn in a church that fully believes in fulfilling the Great Commission locally and globally, the authors, a young couple, grew up knowing that they wanted to devote some years of their life to tent-making (no, not making tentages, but living, working, earning their keep while growing and establishing a church) in a foreign land.

Convicted by the Word of God and inspired by the Holy Spirit and the biography of Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, the couple planned and embarked on this new adventure, landing in Quito, Ecuador on the 29th September 2008, 1.50pm (Quito time)!

This journey will be one that is challenging and difficult but they know, by the grace of God, it will also be a life-changing experience filled with the joys and blessings of knowing God more intimately.

You are invited to read and be blessed by their accounts and testimonies. Leave a note too, if you please, to encourage the authors to keep journaling! 🙂


The quote by Jim Elliot is one that has inspired the authors to take the step to transplant themselves in the new country.



  1. hi,Stprho,

    I am a Chinese from USA, a Christian, plan to travel to Ecuador this April, but understand a little spanish,so I like to have some contacts in Quito. The purpose of my trip is to check out this area and willing to help local chinese church work.


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