First road trip to Lago San Pablo

After getting our Ecuadorian driving license, Peiru and I decided to rent a car and go for a road trip to Lago San Pablo. It was a 2 hour drive and we were very excited before the trip. Thank God for protecting us as the road was quite dangerous at certain parts. We left Quito at 10am and reached Lago San Pablo at 12 noon for lunch. It was therapeutic to eat by the lake. Then we went to the leather town in Cotocachi and we bought a leather bag each. It was the first time that Peiru drove me as I used to drive her around back in Singapore. It was a good experience for me to drive again after 6 years! 🙂


The first car we rented together in our lives!


Peiru driving me for the first time!


Llamas at Lago San Pablo

Eating by the lake

By the lake and mountain

Eating after driving for 2 hours

Eating by the lake


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