Praying for the nations

Peiru and I have developed an interest to pray for the nations recently. It is not natural for us to watch world news but we have disciplined ourselves to watch online news so that we know what is happening around the world. We have discovered this middle east channel which we enjoy watching pretty much. It is not like CNN or BBC which give perspectives from the American or British angle. It is called Al Jazeera and the link is here: The online news is in English and it reports news from the middle east persperctive. We enjoy watching the news and praying in the Spirit for the nations at the same time.

We also found a link which will help anyone who desires to pray for the nations from A-Z. Here is the link:  I have just started praying for the first country in the list – Afghanistan. I hope to pray for one country every day as I do my devotion in the morning. May God give me the love and discipline for the nations to do it! Let me know if you are interested to join me in praying for the nations! 🙂


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