Intense weekend with Pan de Vida

It was an intense and meaningful weekend with Pan de Vida. On Friday night, our close community helped out in the preparation of our special project on Saturday afternoon. We prayed and assigned roles so that we were clear of how to help the extremely needy family on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, it looked like it was going to rain and we prayed for God to hold the rain. It was amazing as it became sunny in the afternoon and we were able to follow the plans to help the family. The family lives on a mountain slope and it is a one room house. The family of 7 lives with their chicken and dogs together in the house. Thank God that it did not rain because it would be difficult to transport the mattresses, tables and clothes down the slippery slope.

It was very smelly in the house probably because the animals live there too. Juanpi told me that he almost vomited when he entered the house. When Shawn, Mark and Juanpi took out the old mattress to throw away, Shawn said that the fleas jumped onto his hands. Peiru saw rats when clearing the cupboard. There was only one bed where the family of 7 sleep together.

We took more than 3 hours to clean up the house, put up more beds and table for the family. Thank God for Caro who took care of the children when we were busy cleaning up the place. Caro even bathed the children of the family during that time. Agus recommended a job for the father of the family. Juanpi washed the old stove. Karina scrubbed the toilet. Dario and Mark put up the shelves and table. It was really a great team effort! 😀 Thank God for His presence and the great weather too! 😀 Below are a few photos of our special project:


Before: The family of 7 slept on this bed


Living with animals


Agus carrying down the mattress to the family.


Caro playing with the children


Peiru with the kids


Shawn destroying the mattress with fleas


Shufeng clearing up the house


Dario and Juanpi fixing the house


After clearing up the house… with new beds and table


The kids happy with their new bedImage

Group photo (Agus and Dario went to buy a gas regulator for the family so they are not in the picture)


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