3 most memorable things in our trip

Peiru and I just arrived in Quito on Saturday night (27th July) after transiting in Narita, Toronto and Panama. We were in Singapore for 2 weeks. It is about 3am now and we are still wide awake due to jetlag. I am just reflecting on our trip and these are the 3 most memorable things for me:

1) Nephew and niece growing up in God

We had the chance to fellowship with my nephew Zhexi and niece Zhiling on one of the Saturday evenings. We went bowling and playing arcade in Bukit Batok. Then we went to their home to play games. I had the opportunity to pray together with them and I prayed that they will grow up to be man and woman of God who love Him and His Word. They have been attending church with their parents and they told me how they love the Sunday school. We have seen them maturing in God compared to last year. We remember they could not respond well and manage their feelings when they lost in games last year. This year, I see them more gracious when they win or lose in any game. They are more obedient to their parents too. 🙂 


Zhiling (left) playing pick-up sticks with Zhexi (right)

2) Good relationship with my father-in law and mother-in-law

We had a great time catching up with my father-in-law and mother-in-law over meals. The most memorable one was the night before leaving Singapore when we shared in McDonald’s until late at night. I used to think I can only do this kind of things like hanging out and having supper, with friends. It is great to be able to talk to my parents-in-law this way.


3) First time in Japan

We passed by Narita airport on our way back to Quito. I have always wanted to go to Japan for holiday and we had an 8 hour transit in Narita. During our transit, we went out of the airport and took a train to Narita. We walked along the streets in Narita and it was refreshing looking at the beautiful architecture and scenery. We tried sushi, ramen and Japanese curry and they tasted simply wonderful! Thank God for great authentic Japanese food in our transit! 🙂



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