Flying alone for the first time

Just touched down in Lima, Peru safely. Thanks for all your prayers! 🙂

Still remember the first time I travel on plane to Australia for competition when I was 14 years old. It was fun traveling with teammates. For the next number of years, I continued to travel overseas for competitions. I really enjoyed the time with my teammates – competing, shopping, eating buffets, talking until late at night, sightseeing etc.

When I became a Christian, I remember travelling to a few countries for short term missions trip. Those were meaningful experiences in which we helped the communities in those countries. We did things like painting walls, sharing the gospels, teaching children etc. I usually got to lead or co-lead in those trips and it can be stressful at times to take care of the people travelling with me.

For the past 5 years after I got married, I have been flying and travelling with my wife. We visited quite a number of countries and cities together. The church planting experience in Ecuador can be rather challenging at times and the trips we took helped us to relax and run a stronger race together. Thank God for my supportive wife who has been my loving friend and travelling partner over these years.

After so many years, this is the first time I am travelling alone to Lima to visit and minister to the church there. As you read this post, do pray that I can preach and teach the Word of God clearly with the power of the Holy Spirit over these 10 days in Peru. Do also pray that I have a good time of solitude to listen to God for His direction over my life and the church in Ecuador for 2013. Thanks so much for praying along with me! 🙂





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