Some reflections on Thanksgiving

Thanks to Arthur and Elena who invited us to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family, we had our first thanksgiving lunch for the first time in Ecuador. I have never really celebrated thanksgiving as we don’t have this tradition in Singapore. Arthur who is an American in our church explained to us about the origin of Thanksgiving Day and it is rather interesting. I also got to know that Thanksgiving day is on the 4th Thursday in November every year.Image

I had coffee with Arthur and Elena after the thanksgiving lunch while Peiru had to go for classes in the afternoon. After a very good chat with Arthur and Elena over coffee, I went home with a thankful heart, reflecting on how God has been so good to me over these years. I was reflecting on how God’s hands have been on me since birth. Below were some moments in my life which I can remember and I am thankful for:

1) I remember my mother teaching me how to write and telling me stories that imparted good values since I was very young. My father worked hard and we never had to worry financially.

2) Somehow my mother sent me to a Christian kindergarden although she is a non-Christian. I grew up singing Christian songs and with some Christian values unknowingly.

3) My 2 elder brothers were brilliant in their studies. I remember they were so creative to draw boardgames like Monopoly and Risk on their own and we had so much fun playing homemade boardgames. They went on to study in the best schools and finsh their PhDs and post-PhDs and they are now professors in NTU. They are great examples for my life.

4) When I was 11 years old, I discovered that I had a gift in Track and Field. I got a bronze medal in Triple Jump in the National Primary Schools Track and Field Meet. 

5) Getting into The Chinese High School changed my future. The academic and sports excellence in the environment helped me to do well in all areas. When I was 14 years old, I broke the school record in triple jump and represented Singapore in a competition in Australia. That was my first time travelling in a plane and competing overseas. I had great fun with my teammates and won my first gold medal in triple jump for Singapore.

6) I failed my ‘O’ level English. That was a down time for me.

7) I came to know the Lord when I was 17 years old. That was a great change in my life, in terms of values and activities. I still went overseas for competitions but as a Christian. I shared Christ to many sportsmen and teammates, and some of them came to know God too. I started my first ministry in Junior College. 

8) I failed my ‘A’ Level GP. Another big blow for me. But amazingly, I still got the MOE Teaching Scholarship to study in university. It must be God! Before university, I went to the army for 2 years and 4 months. I had the opportunity to start the National Service ministry. It was a great experience in pioneering ministry.

9) When I was in the university ministry, I met Peiru. We serve God very well together. I think it was all in God’s plan for ministry in Ecuador together now.

10) I went for teachers’ training to become a teacher in schools. During the one year of teachers’ training, I started groups in 3 universities. Again, that was great experience for me.

11) I became a teacher in schools in 2004. I was very stressed teaching in neighbourhood schools. Finally I got a transfer to teach in Singapore Sports School. Again that was a miracle because my bond was considered to be transfered and not broken. I got married with Peiru in 2007 and we went for a short trip to visit Ecuador for our honeymoon. 

12) In 2008, we landed in Ecuador and continued the ministry here. It has been an adventure so far and we trust that God has in store for something greater than ourselves. 


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