Thanksgiving and prayer points

Thanks for all your prayers! 🙂 God has moved in our 4 communities last weekend and below are a few thanksgiving points:

1) A successful first time for all our communities. Thank God for His presence and the fellowship. We thank God also for Lorena, Lucy and Emilia who opened up their houses for the communities.

2) Thank God for Juan Jo who received Christ during the 2nd community on Saturday afternoon.

3) We are grateful for God’s supernatural strength on us to run the 4 communities last weekend. We thank God for the collaboration of Lorena, Anais, Dario, Karina, Emilia and Claudia in the preparation of the communities.

Below are the prayer points for this week:

1) Pray for our new believer, Juan Jo to grow in His faith. 

2) Pray for the rest of our new believers to be regular for service and communities in the future.

3) Pray for the church to grow in intercession and prayer.

4) Pray for us to have God’s wisdom to lead the church.

5) Pray for the communities to continue to grow in the understanding of God’s Word.

Thanks for praying again! 🙂 




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