Hope Quito Annual Conference 2012

Hope Quito held its annual conference this year from 24 – 26 August 2012. This was truly a special and memorable occasion as we celebrated our 7th anniversary as a church and it was our privilege to have Pastor Simon Eng, the president of Hope International Ministries, and his wife, Lai Eng, join us for the first time in South America. The pastors, our fellow church-builders from Peru and Chile also joined us for this significant event.

In the conference, Pastor Simon, Julian and Timothy shared about the beauty and importance of building and being small communities that are Christ-centred, attractive and able to impact others. We were challenged to be a people who moves out of the 4 walls of a building to set up small, loving and vibrant communities in our homes, workplaces, schools so as to reach out and bring Christ to the people in Quito, Ecuador, South America and all over the world. We also held workshops in small groups where we learned about healthy relationships among singles and married couples, as well as hearing from God prophetically. We were very touched and inspired by the leaders’ love for the church and their commitment to the cause. The presence of God was strong and we learned much from Pastor Simon, Lai Eng and Julian over the 3 days.

We celebrated our 7th anniversary with a video clip showcasing the growth of the church across the 7 years and testimonies of changed lives. Our members presented a native Ecuadorian dance for our pastors who travelled such a long distance to be with us and we also cut a cake with the church logo to commemorate the moment. It was indeed a wonderful time of fun, food and fellowship, as well as thanksgiving to God for blessing us the past 7 years, and an inspiration and encouragement to continue running the race fervently and to build a strong and vibrant church community for His glory.

After the conference, the pastors went on a day trip to the countryside and some small towns near Quito. We enjoyed the beautiful Ecuadorian landscapes and spirit-filled fellowship together. Thank you Pastor Simon, Sister Lai Eng, Julian and Serene and our fellow brothers and sisters from South America missions for your love, impartation, fellowship and constant prayers! 🙂 ¡Te queremos mucho! (We love you very much!)

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  1. In fact, we have assigned Pastor Willie to spear-head the push on this thrust. He and Cara will continue to focus on getting our Infrastructures right and ready; thus getting our pastors and leaders to keep up the momentum of planting more churches. Be ready to hear from them and of course, be ready to GO!

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