Siew Qin (Khim)’s visit

We had the privilege of having Siew Qin visit us at Quito the past 2 weeks! She flew 1.5 days from Singapore to Ecuador and in the two weeks that she was with us, Jiexian showed her some sights around Quito, she attended 2 services, joined us in our ministry meetings, taught with us and held a prayer meet cum prayer-healing session with our church! She loved Quito’s cool weather and beautiful nature, visited musuems and interacted with different people to learn about the culture and etc. We at Hope Quito were very blessed by her sharings, ministering, generosity, encouragement and fellowship. 🙂

Many of our members reflected that God spoke and ministered to them through Siew Khim’s teachings and prayers. Her evangelistic heart certainly infected us too! Together with her, we prayed for healing for Lao Ban Niang and also shared Jesus with them! In the Sunday service that she was with us, she prayed for people to come to know God and indeed, Emily’s friend, Alexandra readily received Jesus that day!

Thank God for her time and friendship! 🙂 Here are some pictures from her trip, some were sniped from her facebook page.. Visit her FB page for more amazing photos!

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One comment

  1. The pictures look great! It certainly looked like you all had a wonderful time. Praise God for all the work He’s doing in Ecuador and for the lives you are living for Him!

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