Encouragement from an ex-student

I received a surprising message on facebook this morning from an ex-student whom I taught about 8 years ago in Kranji Secondary School. It really made my day as she shared with me about how she is involved in missions now and that she is deeply encouraged by what we are doing for God in Ecuador. She started reading our blog some time ago and this gave her encouragement to be involved in missions too! πŸ™‚

It dawned upon me that what we are doing does have an impact on others – whether it is positive or negative. I thank God for using us to do His work in impacting the future generation in Ecuador. It is really a privilege to serve Him! πŸ™‚

The surprising message this morning also encouraged me that a teacher can really make a difference to the future generations although it may take many years to see the fruit. πŸ™‚ It motivates me to be a good teacher no matter where I am in – Singapore or Ecuador. Thank God for His grace in my life to make a difference in the people around me.

One comment

  1. Awesome work! There are loads of things that as a student we might dislike a teacher for but like what my teacher once told me, 10 years down the road, students will never remember what the scolding was for or whether there were any scoldings, and at that time, she gave us a candy. She said, “You won’t remember all the scolding that happened in the year but you will remember this Candy.” Till now, I remember that mentos that she gave us before our English Oral for PSLE.

    Thank you teachs!

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