Holy Week Happenings – Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we got up early, went to church and prepared for the celebration of the special day when Jesus resurrected and showed us the way to victory! We played search for the Easter eggs in the church and as expected, the group with the most kids won! Haha.. We shared the significance of the Easter egg as new birth – the new life of Jesus, as well as the new life He gave us. We sang praises, worshipped with songs, watched a short animation clip of Jesus appearing to his followers after resurrection and Timothy preached about the 7 things Jesus said on Easter morning. We also celebrated the birthday of our April cumpleaneras, Emily and Elena.

Ecuador has a special tradition of eating Fanesca during Holy Week. Fanesca is a dish made of all sort of grains, like a thick, creamy soup and you can add bacalau (salted fish), cheese, chilli and mini flour balls or empanadas on top. This year, in church, we also had fanesca as a family. Different people contributed the ingredients and Claudia, who is a wonderful chef, helped to make it with some of the other women in church. 🙂 Thank you brothers and sisters, for the yummy fanesca!

Finally but also most importantly, we give thanks to God for 2 new lives this week – Gustavo and Roberto (Dario’s brother)! This is Holy Week is all about – new, transformed lives!
Pray with us that Roberto will be able to find a good, biblical church to grow in as he returns to Ambato and that both Gustavo and Roberto will grow firm in their faith, be protected against doubts and distractions and experience the great love of God and His spiritual family. 🙂

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  1. Thank you God and thank you all Esperanza Family, especially to our Pastor Tim, Phoebe and Karen for being God´s instuments to touch the lives of all of us who really are in need for growing and for belonging to the family of God. I wanted to thank your personally, tonight, but I am making my bags and getting ready for my flight to Bogotá. I will return on Thursday. Thank you for having your hearts open to a bussy soul, such as me!! Lovies to all, Ladi Elena

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