Happy 81st birthday Vicente!

We had a great time celebrating Vicente’s 81st birthday at Lalita’s house during the caregroup last Thursday. πŸ™‚

Vicente has been an example that many of us want to follow. He has been a Christian for 60 years and his conviction in the bible is really admirable. Over the dining table, he shared to us about his conversion story and how his Christian friend shared to him about the gospel. He received Christ because this friend lived a life of integrity as a Christian and Vicente saw the difference in his life.

We shared words of affirmation for Vicente during the birthday celebation and it was clear that we have learnt many things from him. Lalita shared about the joy that Vicente shows in his life and how he always trys to encourage someone else. Monica and Jessisca shared about the wise advice that they received from him. Phoebe shared about his humility and spirit of learning that rubs off everyone of us. Imagine with me, Vicente is 81 years old and he still uses the facebook and emails us regularly! πŸ™‚

I remember that Vicente asked me how to use the facebook and email last year and I went to his house to teach him. Now, he is almost an expert in using facebook and email… at 81 years old! πŸ™‚ Recently, he came to our house to ask us some questions when he had some problems with his email as he could not enter his hotmail anymore. Karen and Phoebe helped him create a gmail instead.

My most memorable experience with him was when we walked on the roof of the church to install the electric cable. He was an electrician in the past and he wanted to help the church to install electricty so we climbed up the roof together. He was 80 years old that time! I was so worried for him when he was walking around on the roof.

At 81 years old, Vicente is still showing so much clarity in his mind and conviction in the Word of God. His 81st birthday wish is to obey God’s word more in his life. He is really an example that all of us hope to follow in our lifetime! πŸ™‚


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