2012 Home Visit

We had a very fruitful home visit from after Christmas to Jan 2012. πŸ™‚ Here’s what we were able to accomplish by the grace of God, in no particular order:

1) Visited ST’s brother and sis-in-law and nephew and new niece in our transit in Baltimore. Visited also a few museums and historic sites such as the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It was a fruitful time catching up and having fun with the family. Thanks for hosting us and taking care of PR when she was sick.

2) Administrative work in Singapore: renewed passports, adjusted CPF – HDB flat payments, insurance admin, made new IC (Peiru), closed inactive bank accounts, notarized our certs with a notary public and the new Ecuador Embassy in Singapore! Thanks Sham, for helping us again! Praise God we were able to get new passports in just 3 days so we could go to the Chiangmai Global Conference! And Praise God there’s an Ecuador embassy in Singapore now! Woohoo!

3) Spent fruitful time with ST’s family – Finally after more than 10 years of the 3 sons in the family studying and/or living overseas, the 3 brothers and parents were back in Singapore all at the same time! It was a great family reunion and we enjoyed doing sports, having meals together, lao yu sheng, shopping, catching up and having fun with our nephew and niece and other relatives. πŸ™‚

4) Spent fruitful time with PR’s family – PR’s mum gave her a new haircut, we visited Chinatown Chinese New Year Market together, caught up with some relatives, visited PR’s grandmothers and aunt, had an early reunion dinner with the family together with PR’s bro (who’s currently working in HK) and sis-in-law, shared Christ with one of PR’s grandmother in broken Hokkien and part Chinese and she received Christ!! PTL!! God is faithful! God keep her faith firm and send people to encourage her and remind her of His love!

5) Went to HIM 2012 Global Conference at Chiangmai on a Missional Church:
a) God confirmed the church direction we were working on for 2012, Hope Quito! Amen! Personal growth, discipleship and leadership training!
b) Learnt much from the different pastors, refreshed spiritually and touched by God’s voice and teachings.
c) Caught up with great friends and made new friends too – Peru team (Teck Keong and Siew Yee) and Cambodia team (Guoqiang, TH, Huijin, Yvonne), and Julian, Ps Ben, Claudia, Brisbane friends, Ps Denis Lu, Singapore unit group etc.
d) Thai food! Yumz!

6) Visited the old and new sanctuaries – Nexus and Axis! πŸ™‚ May the Lord’s presence be greatly felt in all worship services and events in Axis and God bless the church taking over Nexus abundantly too! πŸ™‚

7) Caught up with (or some, we were not able to) and encouraged by old friends, shepherds and sheep in Singapore… Lydia, Huiqing, Mei, Jennifer, Kelvin, Jianming, SiewChoo, Clara, Jieyun, Sharon, Liyi, Wenjiang, David Chan, Ben and Petrina, Ee Lee, Charmaine, Alan, Serene, Xingni, Qianru, Timothy and others in the uni group, Yeu Ann, Huaqiang and Sarah (and Phoebe and baby coming), Jeremy Joel Jeroi, Tony, Siew Qin, Weeleng and Wanphing (and Celeste!), Julian Serene Delia Ailay, Ps Jeff etc. etc.
To all of you, whether we were able to meet up or not… thank you so much for being supportive and loving and an inspiration. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your faithful friendship and prayers. πŸ™‚
Thanks, WJ for sending us to and fro the airport and for praying for us!
And God bless all the new families and babies! πŸ˜€
And may God anoint and keep on spreading his love through all the missions efforts on-going and up-coming! πŸ™‚

Photos have been posted on Phoebe’s FB. πŸ™‚


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