Prayer points (Nov-Dec 2011)

We received quite a number of emails asking for our prayer requests recently so I have decided to put them on the blog so that our readers and friends can pray for us. Thanks for praying in advance! 🙂 We recognise that prayers are very powerful. Below are our prayer points:

1) Pray for our church members to be evangelistic during this thanksgiving and Christmas season. We are going to bless the community through projects with Pan de Vida on 27 Nov and 18 Dec. Pray that our members will be opportunistic and invitational during this season.

2) Pray for wisdom in planning for our Reach Club events. We started our club 2 months ago with 15 members. As we have many programs during these 2 months, pray that everything we do will be streamlined and strategic.

3) Pray for clear direction and vision as we plan for 2012. We are currently evaluating, praying and thinking what we would like to do in 2012. Pray for us to be sensitive to what God wants to do.

Do pray along with us as you read this blog entry. Thanks so much! 😀


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