Graduation from ISOM trimester 1

After 4 months of intensive teachings, homework, tests and exam, 5 of our church members and leaders finally graduated from the first trimester of ISOM (International School of Ministry). They are Claudia, Katty, Dario, Karina and Vicente. 🙂

We held a simple graduation ceremony after the church service to honour their hard work and encourage them to continue studying the rest of the course. There are altogether 5 trimesters to graduate from ISOM. All 5 of them have signed up for trimester 2 and they have started their classes this week.

The director of ISOM, Yessenia, came down to give out the certificates of graduation from trimester 1. Viviana was the chairperson for the graduation. Dario was unable to receive the certificate as he was away in another city to visit his parents.

Katty received the top student award as she had the highest points for all her homework, tests and exam. She received a special gift from Yessenia. 😀 After receiving their certificates and gift, we laid hands on them and prayed that they will be able to use their knowledge in the ministry.

If you are interested to read more about ISOM, you can click the link here:

Below are some photos of the graduation ceremony:


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