Birthday thanksgiving

I would like to thank my family, relatives, friends and ex-students for the many well-wishes during my birthday. 😀

It was an eventful birthday as I visited the daughter of a church member in a hospital on the night before my birthday, because she met with a car accident. Fortunately, she was fine after a night’s stay in the hospital. And on my birthday, just minutes after my birthday celebration in church, I was shocked to receive a phone call that the mother of another church member passed away. A few of us went down to comfort this church member and be with her. The next day, we attended the funeral service. Indeed, life is so unpredictable and fragile. It is so important to treasure every day we have and seize the moment. That was my reflection during my birthday. I am so grateful to God that He gives me a chance to live my life fully every day. 🙂

Living in Ecuador is challenging at times. But there is no doubt that we sense the move of God in this country and we are glad to be used by God to minister to the people here. The Bible says in Matthew 25:40 (MSG) “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me – you did it to me.” As I looked back at our ministries in the poor communities, I realized that it was Jesus wearing the ragged clothes. It was Jesus in the orphanage… in the jail… in the garbage dump. The person needing my help was Jesus.

A big thank you to some of you who have given to the Pan de Vida ministries to buy food for the street kids. Without your financial support, we would be unable to cook for about 200 street kids and their poor families monthly. Another project we are working now is building houses for the poor people who live in the garbage dump area. We will be forming groups to help in the construction of houses but we need your support to give so that the materials of the houses can be bought beforehand. If you feel prompted to give to this new project, feel free to email me at 100% of the giving will be channeled to this cause.


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