Another upcoming project

Met up with another missionary from Extreme Response last Saturday and he is going to connect me with the pastor of Zambiza Dump to see where we can build toilets and houses for the poor people in the Dump. You can read more about the project from the link or just read the write up of the project below from the website:

Quito Dump Program

Extreme Response actually grew out of a small kidsโ€™ club in the garbage dump of Quito, Ecuador (also known as the Zambiza Dump). In June of 1997 the Extreme Response founders began working with the 300+ people that lived and worked right there in the trash. These people gleaned their living by digging through the garbage that flows out of the back of garbage trucks, living in small shacks made from pallets and other building materials they found in the trash. They survived on what they found to use, eat and sell.

The very first Christmas Party in the Quito Dump was held in December of 1997 with more than 300 people in attendance. This past year (2008) more than 4,300 people came to celebrate with us.

The dump has changed drastically over the past 12 years, but the people have not. The Zambiza location was permanently closed as a dumping site in 2005 because the landfill was full. The site then became a transfer station. Garbage is now trucked in, dumped in a roofed area, sorted through and then reloaded back into trucks to be taken to a location outside of the city.

In March of 2006, ER opened the Zambiza Daycare Center & Preschool – over 50 children ages newborn through 5 years now attend. In December of 2006 a medical clinic opened in conjunction with Hospital VozAndes Quito.

ER also provide family counseling, hygiene classes, education assistance, a weekly kids club and moms club, weekly feeding for night workers and much more.



    1. Thanks bro for the encouragement! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jiexian just arrived in Quito today. Pray that we will make an even greater difference with her around. ๐Ÿ˜€

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