Pan de Vida and Extreme Response

We went to help for the first time in Pan de Vida just now. Pan de Vida is a partner of Extreme Response International (You can see their webpages in the last blog entry) and we are glad to have this opportunity to work together with them. 🙂

We are very encouraged by our 80 years old Vicente who came to help us joyfully, showing to us that no matter what age we are, we can still serve others with a great spirit. 🙂 Claudia also brought her family to serve together. Her husband, Santiago who received Christ 2 weeks ago, also came to help out. Their daughter Ivana was also very joyful serving the street kids. All of us came early to prepare and cook the food. It was our first time cooking for more than 100 people!

There were more than 100 street kids and poor families in the service. After the praise and worship, our church members also helped to teach the bible to the street kids. We were happy to see 7 new believers receiving Christ for the first time at the end of the service. 🙂 Below are some photos of the event:

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