Farewell to our first Korean friends in Quito

The boss of the Korean restaurant nearby, Cecilia, invited Peiru and I for dinner as they are thinking to close down the restaurant next week due to high rent and poor business. We are their regular customers as the food there is cheap and nice. 🙂 Her daughter, Kelly, who came to visit her in Ecuador joined us for dinner. Kelly is living in Los Angeles now and she is just here for one week to visit her mother.

They may be going to Los Angeles soon so it could be our last meal together in Ecuador. Cecilia shared with us her story about how God saved her life from a car accident. She met a very serious car accident many years ago and the rest of the people in the car died or had major injuries. When she was in a coma, God spoke to her 3 times to wake up and go and help other people. So when she really woke up, she was so grateful and she started helping other people.

It was a heartwarming time as we shared our lives over a sumptuous dinner. 🙂 They taught us different Korean greetings and shared with us about their food and culture. Below are a few photos:


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