State of emergency declared in Ecuador

Ecuador just declared a state of emergency as the national police are protesting and they attacked the president this morning.

You can read more about the situation in Ecuador from the CNN news report in the link below:

Please pray for the country, government and the people living here.

The area near our house still looks safe but the government has advised people not to go out of their house. All schools and offices are closed from today onwards. Public transport is suspended as well. Airport is closed too.

Do pray for the safety of our church members too.



  1. Reminded that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. But thank God tt all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Him…

  2. Dearest Tim and Phoebe …
    I watched the news yesterday and cannot imagine all the panic our Ecuadorian bros and sis’ are going through.. I prayed you remain firm and strong in God… Praying for you all, our Esperanza Quito and that God’s peace comes… everything will be fine in God’s hands
    Hugs from Lima and Peru Team =)
    In prayers…

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