A terrifying week

We got to know 3 robberies last week and we are concerned about the safety in Quito.

1) Last Saturday evening, 3 of our church members were walking towards a trolley station after the caregroup in Katty’s house. A man with a pistol and a woman with a knife approached them to demand money and handphones from them. The woman pointed the knife at the throat of one of our church members while the man pointed the gun at the other two. They had to hand over their money and handphones to the robbers. Our church members were in shock and called us immediately after the robbery (with one of the handphones which was not stolen). We went down to the trolley station immediately to find out how they were. They were shaken by the incident and appeared very scared. We found out exactly what happened to them and prayed with them together. Later we passed them some money so that they can take a taxi back home.

2) Last Friday afternoon, one of our church members went to the bank to withdraw money for her work. Apparently a robber was following her and immediately after she withdrew some money and walked out of the bank, he used a knife to slit the pouch which contained the money. It happened so fast that the member only realized a few seconds later. She later reported the robbery to the guard nearby.

3) Last Wednesday evening, our Spanish teacher was walking home after work. She had just experienced a bank robbery 2 weeks ago when 5 Columbians came into a bank shooting with machine guns. This time, just before she reached home, 3 robbers came from behind and pointed at her with 3 pistols. She lost all her money, personal documents and jewelry. When the robbers could not find her handphone, they became angry and pulled her earrings off her ears violently. Her ears began to bleed because of this. Because of all the shock, she was very shaken and fainted. Thank God the robbers ran away after that and she was not hurt further.

We would like to ask anyone who may be reading this to pray for our church members and Spanish teacher to recover from the shock they are still suffering. Please also pray for God’s protection over our church family. We are thankful that only valuables were stolen and God protected the lives of our family and friends. We also appreciate our church members who called us immediately after the robbery. I think the church members trust us so much that most of them tell us their problems even before telling their physical family. We thank God for this church family which God has blessed us with. πŸ™‚



  1. this is really serious… even though I have not experienced such incidents I pray for God’s protection over their lives, and all members in Quito, Lima and Santiago and all our members… that God also takes away the bad experience and fear they got… count on me =) I’ll pray for each one of them and us!

  2. It looks like Quito is getting less and less safety, even more people walking in group. These robbers acted so fast and so fierce. Probably need to educate ourselves more how to avoid the walking in unsafe zone (or I don’t know if there is any safe zone now). Praying for more of God’s divine protection.:)

  3. Seems that words can do little..even so..

    Pray for the church to grow stronger and for God to show the way.
    May He grant wisdom to each and everyone, and bless the church with great unity and strength.

  4. Am on my knees now in prayer. This is indeed a difficult time but praise God tt even in times like these, He is sovereign. Tk God tt your members trust you guys… May God bring the church closer together thru this!

    Reminded of how God protected Ezra’s ppl from enemies & bandits (Ezra 8:31)… May God’s hand be upon all of you over there!

    1. Thanks so much! It is encouraging to know that we have brothers and sisters all around the world praying for us. πŸ™‚

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