Pastors conference

PR and I attended a pastors conference in Quito where many pastors of the Christian churches in Quito gathered together. It was an invitation by Pastor Jesus and he told us that all the pastors are invited to have breakfast together. Pastor Jesus and his wife, Lucia picked us up at 730am yesterday and we went to this church in the valley.

We had P&W and a short teaching before the breakfast. It was a good time praising and worshiping God though we are from different churches. Sometimes we are so caught up with our church that we forget that we have a bigger spiritual family out there. We were the only Asians there and the president of the Pastors conference warmly welcomed us. We also managed to get to know a few key pastors during the meeting and they are people who know the rules and regulations of registering churches. They will certainly be of great help when we register our church in the future. It was a fruitful time networking and exchanging contacts too. 🙂

After the breakfast and meeting, Pastor Jesus drove us to the place of his wife’s best friend. We have never seen such a big house before. According to Pastor Jesus, the husband of his wife’s best friend is a very high ranked military general. There was even a soldier standing guard outside the house. We have never seen so many antiques in a house before so we asked for permission to take some photos.

Below are some pictures of the pastors conference and the big house which we visited:


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