Connecting in the world of internet

Talking to PR's parents on Skype video conference

Just had a great time talking with my parents-in-law through Skype video conference. It is really great to be connected to so many people in the internet. Recently, my ex-colleague who has migrated to New Zealand asked me whether I was free to chat on video conference too. It is amazing how we remain connected despite living in 2 different countries so far apart. I also get connected through facebook a friend who is living in New York now. We used to travel overseas together for competitions in track and field. He is one of my best friends and I should be meeting him up when I transit in New York on my way back to Singapore at the end of this year. It is so exciting to catch up with good friends! 🙂 Through video conference, facebook, twitter and emails, it is really possible to stay connected wherever we are. Thank God for internet! I am able to find out what happens to my family and friends back in Singapore.


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