An example of excellence

I was reading some examples of excellence in sports. Below is one of them:

“There will be days for my football team when we win that I’m not happy because we didn’t really play excellently…. There are other games when we lose and I have to say, ‘You know what? We gave it everything we had. We did as much as we could do. It just wasn’t our day today, but I’m really proud of our team.’ To me, it’s more about knowing what my potential is and if I live up that day in and day out.”

It is human nature to say, ‘I won’t give 100 percent. I’ll just give what I need to, to do my job well.’ Or if I’m lifting weights, ‘I could do one more repetition, but I don’t want to push it.’ But the Lord says, ‘Do as well as you can with the gifts I’ve given you.’ Are we doing absolutely all that we can with the talent and opportunity that God gives us? That is what excellence is. 🙂

I could win every game and still not be playing excellently if I’m not really giving everything that God has given to me. There is nothing wrong with that drive to be better and better as long as it is carried out in the right way with the right perspective. If you are running to win, but you have only earthly goals in mind, it will be short-lived. If we are running with the spiritual goals in mind and giving our best, that is truly excellent.


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