Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

I am reading this book called “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret” in April. Thanks to Charmaine who bought this book and Teck Keong for bringing the book to Peru from Singapore. 😀 I brought back quite a few good books when we went to Peru for the SALT conference. I am finishing about one book every month so I think I will finish reading all the books very soon. Recently, I discovered that my pathways to God are through reading, exercising and listening/watching sermons online. All these keep me fresh in God. 🙂

I am only at Chapter 6 in “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret”, 12 more chapters to go. But his life is really an inspiration. PR and I love reading biographies on missionaries because they are role models for us. Hudson Taylor was a British missionary to China in the 19th century. The good old missionaries were really strong and powerful, and Hudson Taylor had his problems just like any human. He lost his wife, Maria, and their third child to cholera. Famine and disease often swept through China. Taylor fell and was paralyzed from a spinal injury during the winter of 1874-1875. This was his lowest ebb as he laid paralyzed in England. He experienced great trials and doubts during his life.

Yet, in spite of all this trouble, he never gave up. He spent nearly half a century on China Inland Mission. Some of the milestones he achieved in his missions effort were (1) He took strong steps to identify with the people of China. (2) He believed that the mission should be directed on the field, not from some home base in another country. (3) He lived depending on God alone for supplies. (4) He did everything he could to help deepen the Christian life in the home churches. He retired from the mission in 1901. At his death in 1905 at Changsha, there were 205 stations with 849 missionaries, and 125,000 Chinese Christians in the China Inland Mission.

What impresses me about the good old missionaries like Hudson Taylor were that they went through war, murder threats, great financial difficulties, sea sickness, hunger, diseases, death in their family, arrest from Chinese authorities, prison and all kinds of hardship and yet still remained strong in God. They really lived a life of faith and were great encouragement to the many missionaries nowadays. I will continue to share excerpts from the life of Hudson Taylor as I continue to read this book in April.


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