Eric Moo received Christ

I saw on a City Harvest Church sermon video that Eric Moo (巫启贤) has received Christ. 🙂 It is encouraging to know that Eric Moo has been going around in different parts of the world performing in concerts and sharing his testimony. 🙂 I listened to his songs more when I was a teenager. You can search on You Tube for more of his videos on his testimony and concerts. Below is a video of him singing in a church event in Malaysia:



  1. I heard my pastor mentioned him and remember that I had actualy seen Eric Moo singing in tv during the 1980’s. I thought his voice was really nice , but i was never a fan of any singers. I only like to listen to good voice. Only recently I heard of him again! Wow! amazing! Praise God! When I hear any singers with good voices, I wish they would sing for Jesus! And Eric is one of them now who sings for the Lord .All glory to God because it is God who gives him this voice and from now on Eric will continue to use his voice to praise God and sing of God’s love. Music and worship songs will and can touch a person’s heart, and draw them to Christ. All glory goes to God, and not to man.

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