Valentine’s + CNY + Carnaval Celebrations

This year’s 14th-16th February is a triple celebration for us! It’s Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year and also Carnaval (2 days of public hols) altogether! It was a great time of rest for us personally.. and here’s how we celebrated!

On the eve of Chinese New Year, we celebrated with Laoban and Laobanniang at their place with their friends – a Taiwanese couple and a Shanghai-ese. It was a fun time chit-chatting and eating sumptuous Chinese steamboat! A great way to celebrate CNY in Quito where there is not much CNY atmosphere.. hehe

For Vday, we went to the Noe Sushi branch at Cumbaya. Cumbaya is near Quito, about 30mins away by bus and is where quite a number of the richer crowd live. We treated ourselves to our favourite food (we had been saving up for this! :D) and visited this branch for the first time. The ambience was good and they gave PR a free rose and chocolate for the occasion too! We played Monopoly Cards, a new card we learnt recently in the restaurant and the people at other table beside us were looking at us and giggling. Hahaha… the teenage girl couldn’t believe we were playing cards. :p After that we went to a small shopping area near the restaurant. It was a nice place, very beautifully decorated and reminded us of the Outlets in U.S. πŸ™‚ Very different feel from the usual Quito.

On the first night of CNY, we went with Laoban to a Chinese pastor’s house for CNY dinner celebration. Woah! About 50 Chinese were there, adults, teenagers, babies even, all gathered to get to know each other and celebrate New Year together. A lot of them came late as they were restaurant owners and came after they closed their shop for the day. But it was a bustling time and the chinese pastor who used to be a restaurant chef himself, cooked up a feast for all of us. Yummy! We also got to know someone who used to live in Singapore and had a good time catching up with him about Singapore. πŸ™‚ Hope that as Laoban continues to befriend them, his heart will come closer to knowing the Lord! πŸ™‚


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