My lovely third-graders

From Mid-January to mid-February, just before Valentine’s Day, I had the chance to substitute teach at an American school third-grade class. It was a wonderful experience, though tiring at times. 😀

For the first week, when I substituted for the whole week full-days, we did a get-well-soon origami project with the class to make as many flowers as possible as a wish for their teacher to get better quickly. The kids LOVE origami. I ended up making origami penguins, cranes, pigs etc. for them the entire week. I also got to teach some of them a little chinese! And some math, because as I marked their work I realized they need more practice! :p The next few weeks, I taught them half-days and got to teach them some science. It was good revision for me. 🙂

I learnt alot through the whole experience… I got to see the different ways that the american education system teaches english. (Oh yes, I had my fair share of kids laughing at my British accent, for which afterward they were reprimanded by their teacher.hehe.. ) I enjoyed how they learn in a very natural way. They were given a lot of opportunity to read, listen to the teacher read to them, learn spelling by phonetics etc. I also revelled and loved the fact that I had the opportunity to teach them some bible because it is a christian school, and how I could share and correct them as we shared the same christian values. They also taught me much along the way. Their simple prayers, simple faith and trust in God, thankfulness to God for the most fundamental things such as a family, friends, health.. They are at times naughty, but really loveable, affectionate children. Even now when I go back to the school, they’ll run to give me a hug! So sweet! 🙂 On the last day, I returned to pass them some origami whales that I made for them for Valentine’s Day, and all of them hugged me… one boy even cried as he said he’ll miss me. *melted my heart!*

Hope I’ll get more chances to substitute, teach and interact with them! Here are a few pics I managed to take as we celebrated Jonathan’s 9th birthday together. His mum brought a really yummy cake to share with the class!


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