It’s the month of L-O-V-E! :)

February – the month of celebrating love and friendship. Mes de amor y amistades (en español). Check out pictures below for how our church is decorated to put love in the air! hehehe… Thanks Claudia, Sabrina, Dario, Karina for helping to cut and paste the hearts! During V-day service, we also put up helium-filled floating heart balloons, and they were all snapped up by the kids after service. Hehe..

During the caregroup that week, ST played a fun and meaningful game with the people. Vday coincides with Carnaval this year and during Carnaval, the Ecuadorians spray each other with water as part of the festivity. During the CG, they played a game where ‘christians’ need to spray the others with water and when you are sprayed with water, you need to join the christians’ group to spray others with water until everybody is ‘sprayed’. 🙂 Very appropriate and creative! Kudos to my hubby! After the CG, they shared their personal testimonies and wrote down a list of people that we’d like to outreach to and prayed for them.

In this month, we also want to take time to give thanks to God and appreciate our loved ones. Here’s some points of thanksgiving to our beloved God who first loved us and now we are learning to love like Him.

Thanks to our parents who love us unconditionally though we are so far away. Thanks to our friends at home in SG who remember us and keep in touch with us! Thanks for our friends made here! Thank God for committed members in church such as Vicente, the oldest and most passionate and committed; Claudia, for being such a good friend, hospitable and reliable; our core-team Luis, Caro, Emily, Katty for being forgiving and accepting us and supporting us though we are not the perfect shepherds.. 🙂

More recent thanksgivings – thank God that ST’s English student came to church for the very first time! Thank God for constantly bringing new people to church! Thank God for the holy-spirit baptism of a few of our dear brothers and sisters! Thank God for the substitute job opportunities that provides us more income! Thank God for the Carnaval holiday so that we can rest! Thank God for providing problems recently, that helped us get closer to our people! Thank God for His wisdom and grace in helping us to resolve the issues! Thank God for my husband who took care of me when I’m sick. Thank God for teaching me to make home-made green bean soup and barley that gave me joy and helped me get better from my flu! Thank God for being able to talk to my grandma through Skype during CNY!

God is love so let us love each other like He does!


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