Dario and Ivana’s Testimonies from Baptism

As promised, here are Dario and Ivana’s baptism testimonies. Thanks to Claudia who translated them for us! 🙂 Enjoy and be encouraged!!

    Darío Morán (University student)

I want to tell you my testimony of how I decide to get baptize today, everything began the day I receive Christ; that day Timothy told me, after I could get baptize but only if I felt ready, then I ask him what was the meaning of getting baptize and he explained me many things, at the end what I understood is that we do it to follow the example of Christ and because he order us to do it (Matthew), it also indicates that I’m a Christian and symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus, because when we go into the water we leave behind our defects and when we get out we have a new live thru faith. And we set new visions to have a new life as a Christian.

My decision to get baptized came after I read the gospels because I want to get to know Jesus better; even so I had very hard moments since I accept Christ I know they were just proves that I have to pass thru to get to know if I really believe, after five hard months today I’m getting baptize and I believe I have to pass even harder proves that I have to overcame in the best way as a Christian that I’m already are.

As the baptism is a compromise with God. My first compromise with God is: to finish reading the Bible for the first time, but I want it to stay in my mind and in my heart, because is the first time I feel so happy getting to know the great acts that God has done and he still does and too for the great messages that his word leaves us.

My other compromise is serving much more to God and to the church.
But I want to ask God too for more strength, courage and wisdom so I can face the problems that I will have in my life and solve them in a good way, and that he helps me in the hard but beautiful path that is to follow him. Thank you.

    Ivana Uquillas (12 yrs old)

Before I met God I didn’t know how to solve in a good way some things and I was very impulsive.
For example: when I didn’t understand something I just yell.

Now that I know God, I’m trying to improve as a person. Thanks to the presence of God in my life now I have less fights, even so I still have a lot to improve.

I’m getting baptized because I want to be save from sin and to begin a new life with God.


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