Setting goals for 2010

We had a fun time setting goals in our CG yesterday. 🙂 At the start of the CG, they were supposed to knock down some bottles and cups using a tennis ball with their eyes blind-folded. They were divided into 2 groups, guys and gals. Both groups were very competitive and the gals won in the end by knocking down more bottles and cups. After that, the blindfolds were removed and they competed again. The gals won again and they were overjoyed. 🙂 After the game, Peiru explained to them about the importance of goals and illustrated to the 2 groups that they shot better when their blindfolds were taken off and they had a clear view of their goals. We went on to write our goals for 2010 and share with one another what we want to see happen in our lives this year. Peiru and I have finished writing our goals for 2010 during the last week of 2009, so we went around helping the rest write down more specific goals. We ended praying and committing our goals to God. Below are some pictures of the game we had:


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