Busy Preparations for our Annual Retreat!

This is the last week before our annual church retreat which will take place from 4th to 6th December (leaving on night of 3rd Dec)!
We’re all very excited about it and this week is going to be a mad rush for all of us to prepare for the retreat.

ST is busying preparing the teachings, I’ve been busy preparing the children’s church materials and am going to hand it over to the main teachers in charge tomorrow. We’ve been going through the devotions with our team and everyone who is coming to the retreat will be involved in doing a presentation! πŸ™‚ We ‘stole’ the idea from SG church’s last retreat to have our retreat theme as Heroes this year. Heehee.. and we’re doing something inaugural in Hope Quito retreat- the attendees are put into 4 groups (1 grp consisting of the children) and need to plan, practice and prepare something to present at the start of the retreat. There’ll be prizes for creativity, effort, significance and teamwork! Looking forward to watch their interesting ideas put into place esply since Latinos are very expressive! πŸ™‚ We’re also planning a ‘secret’ mass dance item.. haha.. that should be very interesting too. πŸ™‚

On top of this, we’re also planning ahead into Christmas which is happening very very soon after the retreat. If you are reading this, please pray with us for:

1) Wisdom in preparing teachings; anointed and Spirit-led and impactful teachings and praise and worship sessions
2) Hearts to be prepared to receive the Word of God and put it into practice, growing to become Christ-like heroes.
3) People to get to know each other deeper through the different activities and relationships to grow deeper and stronger. Church to be more united and loving.
4) Effectiveness and faithfulness for everyone preparing for the program, no matter what role. Games, devotions, first-aid, praise and worship, children’s church, participants.. etc.
5) Potential water-baptisees to be convicted and continue to grow in their faith and understanding of obeying and following our Lord!
6) Good weather so that our outdoor games will not be affected and people can enjoy themselves at the beach!
7) Everyone to grow and love the Lord more and commit themselves to Him more and enjoy themselves along the way.
8 ) Safe journey to and from and during the whole retreat, for the people and also our belongings.



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