Ration of electricity

Ecuador’s electricity minister says hydropower shortages have forced the government to ration electricity. Blackouts have already hit Quito and the Pacific port of Guayaquil. We are now experiencing blackouts almost everyday in Quito.

We had a most romantic candlelight caregroup in church just now. 🙂 There was a blackout at 7pm in the church area and we set up candles to continue our caregroup. Surprisingly, the atmosphere of the caregroup was very good with limited visibility. We played games to know one another better and I shared a little on the roles of God in our lives. Thank God the hearts of our brothers and sisters were very open and they shared about how God is their father, friend, saviour, master, judge, king, guide, teacher etc in their lives. We spent quite a long time in prayer as we prayed together that we will know God more and experience more aspects of God’s role in our lives. It was a delightful time of sharing and learning more about God. 😀

I was very encouraged when a new believer, Dario told me after caregroup that he actually looked forward to every Sunday to learn more about the bible and get to know more people in church. God is indeed working in the hearts of our people. 🙂 Do pray for us that the ration of the electricity will be over soon as we are concerned that it will affect our service on Sundays. PR and I had problems using the internet these 2 days as there was no electricity in our area in the morning. Thank God that there was electricity from afternoon onwards. We hope that the lack of electricity will not affect our ministry too much. Do pray with us that God will supply electricity to the whole of Ecuador soon.



  1. Yeah kind of.. haha.
    The power station / National Counsel of Electricity only plans the sectors and timings that are without light 1 day in advance! Kind of hard to plan when to have events in church… hehe.. And it’s dangerous at night when even the street lights and traffic lights are not on. Praying that crime rate and accidents rate don’t go up too much!

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