Gun-pointed for the first time

I thought I will only see this in movie or TV but it happened in my life.

PR and I were walking home at night after our Chinese Class. Just as we were about to reach our house, about 80m away, 2 robbers approached us. One robber pointed a gun at me and the other sprayed some gas on my face. I struggled to open my eyes but I cannot see after that. PR screamed and the robbers told her to shut up. We gave them our bags and they rushed off to their red car where there were 2 more people inside. They drove off but PR managed to see their car plate number. Thank God there was a man nearby to help us and we managed to reach our house safely.

We tried to wash away the liquid gas on our face with water in our house but our face was very hot and painful when we tried to wash with water. We were still suffering from the shock and I still cannot see properly. PR called Luis for help. Luis and Carol arrived very promptly at our house and they brought us to a hospital nearby to see a doctor. Thankfully the doctor said that we were fine and just gave us an injection and some medicine. It was almost 12 midnight when we finished the medical checkup. After that, Luis and Carol brought us to a police station to make a report because PR lost her personal documents in her wallet. By the time we reached home, we were so tired that we immediately went to sleep. It was really a nerve-wrecking experience for us.

From the experience, we learnt to be more careful at night and try to take a taxi as far as possible. We also learnt that we should not wash our face with water when someone sprayed something toxic on our face. The best way is to use toilet paper with water to wipe. Otherwise, all the toxic may flow into our eyes together with the water. We also thank God that we are still alive and kicking after the experience, and that we are not physically harmed in any way. 🙂 It was really quite an experience and we hope that there will not be a second time.



  1. Dear Shenteng and peiru,
    We were astounded upon reading your entry. Thank God that you two are ok. It’s really challenging to face such life threatening circumstance and yet you two came out strong and able to press on with the good work that you’re doing there.. Jia you! Hope to see you back next month..

    with love,

  2. I’m so relieved Peiru and you are safe. There were so many could-have-been’s and what-if’s in that episode, and it’s scary enough just to think about them… And if any of those dreaded scenarios were to happen, they raise disturbing questions on so many levels. Anyway, let’s talk more when you are back. Meanwhile, do stay strong and safe…

  3. oh gosh…thank God for his protection!! It must be a traumatic experience. May God strengthen the both of you and grant you restful moments to recover from it. I will start to include your safety in my prayers. See you guys soon.

  4. really thank God you 2 are safe and sound. was shocked when i heard about this from Sharon. Take care and be more careful in future. Pray that God’s protection will be upon u guys. so glad ur are coming bk! see ur soon! 😀

  5. Thank God that both of you are safe and sound. We were shocked when we read of your entry. Take care and we will continue to pray for your safety. See ya back in sg. =)

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