Powerful conversion story

Here is a powerful conversion story in Hope Quito to share with you all. Last Sunday, I prayed with someone to receive Christ into his heart after church service. His name is Dario. He has been attending our church for 3 months, but he was not a Christian.

During a picnic last Saturday, after playing soccer, Dario told me that he had a dream last Wednesday when God spoke to him to read John 1:34. He had never read the bible on his own before and wondered what God wanted to speak to him from John 1:34. The next day, he went to find a bible to look at what the verse says. When he read the verse, he was shocked because it says: “I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God.” He was so convicted that Jesus is the Son of God after that and he asked me to say the sinner’s prayer with him together last Sunday after service. It is really amazing how God spoke to His people in His timing. 😀 God is really powerful. Let’s continue to pray for God to speak to our loved ones and friends personally even as we share with them. 🙂


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