Atuntaqui Pasarela de Moda Verano

10 de Agosto Travelogue Part 3

Monday 10 Aug 2009

We left early in the morning to join with Luis at the new bus station in the north, Terminal de Carcelen to catch a bus to Atuntaqui (Carolina’s hometown). There is a fashion feria (like an exposition/convention) for summer there during this holidays. Atuntaqui is one of the towns well-known for producing clothes (much knitted wear and cotton wear) made in Ecuador. They have about 2 fashion ferias a year, one for summer and one for winter. Carol’s family is in the clothes business, many of the brothers each have a line of their own and they are participating in the feria.

After the ~2hours ride, we reached Atuntaqui, visited Carol’s family and had a quick breakfast with them before heading to the feria. Many of Carol’s brothers and family live in the coast and they brought one of Luis’ favourite sweet food for him. (See the first picture) I can’t remember what it’s called, but it has a soft texture like jelly and comes wrapped in leaves. It’s made of maize and sugarcane. You eat it with cheese. Interestingly yummy.

We had the opportunity to view one of the catwalk shows (pasarela) at noontime. 😉 Felipe, Mateo’s cousin was taking part as a model! Woohoo~! His parents have a store (their line is Katty sportswear) and he is modeling their clothes. After the catwalk, there was a….. doggy-walk! Yes, the dogs were modelling doggy-wear! Very cute! Carolina and family were saying that they should have brought Lucas, the pug along to model with Felipe. Many of the dogs were untrained models… haha.. rather difficult to walk them straight and with rhythm. And very difficult to catch on camara! But I managed a few shots.. *phew* 🙂

After a long day at the feria, ST and I had a good fellowship with Luis and Carolina, eating the famous Fritadas de Amazonas (fried pork with toasted corn and morrocho) of Atuntaqui. We ate our fill and took the bus home, dropping by Ibarra for a cool walk on our own. We went home satisfied, with 3 new polo-Ts for ST and a set of new bedsheets and a handbag for me. And a fruitful time of fellowship. PTL!


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