Prayer points

We had a 4 way tele-conference with Brazil, Chile and Peru team last Monday. Thanks to Eelee who wrote down the prayer points. 🙂 Do pray for the South Americia teams below:

1. Community Project
God to give ST & PR ideas to know how to involve the people and how to use this as an evangelism outlet.
2. ST & PR to be able to train the core team well

1. Pray for Tess´ visa application to be successful, that she will be able to find work and to pick up Portugese fast.

1. Pray for their ¨Hope in action¨ campaign in aug – sept. There will be new growth and the distance will not deter the people from going.
2. Pray for this to be a good outreach tool.

1. Pray for Monica to be able to get a ¨e-space¨ in universidad de Chile where they can have English projects with the students. Pray that God will lead them to people who have a desire to know and serve Him.


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