Welcome Weeleng!

Weeleng's visit to Ecuador

Weeleng's visit to Ecuador

Weeleng arrived in Quito safely yesterday morning. It was a 42 hr flight altogether and he only slept 6-7 hr on the plane. There were quite a number of us at the airport to fetch him (photo, left). All of us were delighted to be able to see him. 🙂 After bringing him back to our house, we went to help out with the children in Remar while Weeleng rested in our house. He knocked out and slept until evening before we waked him up to go for our P&W practice. He visited our new church place for the first time and liked it very much. 😀 Being gifted in repairing things and a great handy man, he ‘restored’ a music stand and a microphone stand in our church. 😀 We ate dinner with the core team after the P&W practice and everyone was encouraged with his presence. At night, he passed us encouragements cards and gifts from our ex-unit and ex-district. We really appreciate the words of encouragement from the brothers and sisters in Singapore. During the service on Sunday, our people wrote a very cool rap to appreciate Weeleng coming to visit us. It was very entertaining to see the sisters dancing and rapping. 😀 We will put up more photos of him in action during his 3 weeks’ stay here in Ecuador. 8)


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