¡Feliz Día del Padre!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day in church. ST preached about men (and women alike actually), being X-men for God. 🙂 We also remembered God as our best heavenly Father. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy-in-heaven! 🙂

Emily shared a touching testimony of how her mother (a single-mum) was both a father and a mother to her and always chose to bring her children to church every Sunday when she was young, regardless of whether she had the travel money.. and how God always blessed them such that though they weren’t very well-off, they never lacked food. 🙂 What a mom!

I shared about how my dad always spent lots of time with me, conversing, chatting and telling me stories and teaching me life values through his stories… how through spending such quality time with me, he impacted me a lot and imparted alot of good life values to me, such as treasuring myself, studying and working hard and waiting for the right man to come along.. and because of that, ST is my first and only boyfriend and husband! 🙂

Research has shown that the father’s voice has more authority than the mother, to even the extent of affecting how well they learn languages. So speak more to your children, even to the child in the womb! 🙂 And for girls, Dads, you are your daughter’s first boyfriend! According to studies, somehow daughters end up with boyfriends that are similar to their father! And sadly, that happens often… with abused daughters ending up with spouses who abuse them too… vicious cycle.
I encourage all fathers and fathers-to-be to never underestimate the power you can have on your children, and do spend quality time enjoying, teaching and playing with your kids! Be the godly dad that only you can be for your child!

We played 3 games that day. First up, the Dress-the-Baby game. A pair of fathers had to compete to dress the baby literally single-handedly.. Check out the pics to see their baby-handling skills! thank God they weren’t real babies… One of the dads was ‘disqualified’ though he was fast because we thought his ‘baby’ would be dead by the end of the competition.. hahaha… :p Very competitive! 🙂

Second was the feed-the-dad game. In this game, all the guys in church joined in to be fed by their ‘children’. 🙂 Some of our kids’ dads were not around and some families have more than 1 child so definitely more children than ‘fathers’. Oh and did I mention that the kids were blindfolded? 😀 It was a funny sight. Some ‘dads’ ended up with food all over their clothes. hehee..

Third and last game was a “How-well-do-you-know-your-child” Quiz. Dads were asked 8 questions about their children, such as “What’s their favourite ice-cream flavor?”, “Where’s their favourite place?”, “What’s the name of their best friend in school?”, “What’s their greatest fear” and “What do your children like most about you?” Mums and others all had their far share of laughter because of the answers and expressions on the faces of both dads and kids…. 😀

It was a truly enjoyable time filled with laughs for everyone in the family (of God)… 🙂


One comment

  1. the games sound and look fun 🙂 its good idea for caregroup games.. make the sheeps feed their shepherds.. haha..
    the planning team has done a good job !!!
    thanks for always updating us on what is happening in your church..it inspires and encourages us much 🙂

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