Happy 30th! :) Part 2

Happy 30th Birthday to Timothy Ho Shen Teng Part 2!

Celebrated with our coreteam on Tuesday. It was a fun time and the team really put in all their effort to make it special for ST. 🙂

Luis and family arrived first and had a fun game of Monopoly with ST while we waited for the rest and for the herbal chicken.. hehe.. Then Emily arrived with a HUGE arrangement of flowers for ST, in his favourite color scheme – orange! hehe.. For those who do not know yet, ST actually really likes flowers. 🙂

We had a sumptuous meal, comprised of fried dumplings, spring rolls, spinach and beef and sauteed prawns from Laoban, and a seaweed soup and steamed herbal chicken (one of ST’s favourite dishes in SG) from me. Thank God it came out great! And thank the A1 Emperor Herbal Chicken packet too.. hahaha.. It was really delicious and all of us ate to our hearts’ content. All of them loved the herbal chicken and Mateo, who is usually a picky eater, ate the spicy beef from Laoban and really liked it (even tho he was drinking coke all the time.. haha)! Amazing! 🙂

After that came the games…. ST had to flip and match pictures of himself and he was given a face-drawing for each wrong guess.. haha. A pity Luis and Carol didn’t get a chance to draw on him. :p After that he was asked to do a few challenges or answer some questions such as sing a love song for me, what was the most striking about Jesus to him, what embarrassing moments has he had in Ecuador, what presents did he give me in the past that were significant etc. 🙂

And after that he was served his favourite (again) rum and raisin banansplit ice-cream and also yummy tiramisu cake. And he got a free knock on his chin, and a free cream nose therapy as Luis smashed his head into the cake. hehehe.. and for revenge, Emily sprayed cream on his head.. i had a very creamy husband after that. :p
The team also shared a powerpoint slide of ST’s moments in Ecuador and encouraged him as a new leader in church, in a new country. The caring team also asked him if he was adjusting well and how he was coping with the new culture. 🙂 “A good son of God”, “admirable spirit of deciding to really following and obey the Great Commission” and “a very friendly and approachable pastor and friend” were among some of the affirmations. 🙂 Great husband I have! 🙂 And thank God for the supportive core-team!

May the Lord bless him with the desires of his heart this year – wisdom, love and resilience! and may God help us to blossom in Ecuador, to serve Him with more spirit-led power and may the church continue to grow stronger in quantity and quality!


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