¡Feliz Día de los Niños!

🙂 1st of June is Children’s Day here in Ecuador and kids get to have fun in school and not study the whole day. We had a very fun and enjoyable time celebrating Children’s Day with our kids in church last Sunday, 7th June, one week late but nonetheless, a great time! Just look at the pics below! 🙂

The kids got to watch a movie during the service and after service, Emily and Katty dressed up as clowns to lead the kids (and adults) in games. The children also had their faces painted and each got a turn to hit the piñata which is something filled with goodies (sweets and toys) that they can collect after smashing it. 🙂 Even the adolescent Daniel and the well-liked Timothy had to get their turn hitting the pinata (Many of us were in yellow T-shirt to support Ecuador in the match against Peru on that day too). It was really funny as they were blindfolded and made to turn many rounds before searching for their target. And of course, there were lots of distractions and misguided instructions… hahaha… 🙂 The children also received lots of presents and we had a very yummy cake served at the end too!

Thank God and Kudos to all the Sunday school teachers who put in alot of hard work and made the event so successful!


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