Holy spirit convicts!

This afternoon, we went to search for a cheap and good vacuum cleaner for the new chuch place. One of the brothers, Lenin, drove us to central of Quito to buy as he said there is a place which is cheaper for electronic goods.

I was greatly encouraged when I saw yesterday’s bulletin in his car. There were a lot of written notes in his bulletin and he said that it was a good service yesterday. I remember that I was very tired yesterday and was practically reading off my sermon script, so I was very skeptical about his comment and asked him in a joking manner, “What was good?” He said that he learnt to ask God more in his planning about his future and showed me some of the written notes which God has spoken to him. He even told me that we need more space in the bulletins so that the people in church can copy more notes. This was amazing for me because I thought I preached very badly yesterday. It must be God who convicted his heart. 😀 God’s grace is sufficient. Thank God for Peiru’s Spanish translation too. I think she minimized the impact of my low energy sermon. 🙂

I will be resting more after this new church place project. Need to recuperate to give more high energy sermons. 8) Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to convict the hearts of the people through His Word.



  1. Yup.. 🙂 Thank God for His grace! A kind, sweet and humbling reminder from God that He doesn’t really need us to be strong, talented or powerful. He simply works marvelously through our obedience.

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