CG on a GC to GC and GC builds a GC!

The code above stands for Caregroup on a Great Commitment to the Great Commandment and Great Commission builds a Great Church! wooohooohoo~

We had fun in our caregroup on Friday. We started a little late coz the people were preparing for the games and presents for the children (coz we celebrated Children’s Day on Sunday this morning!). We started with the Un-entangle game, we were all playing so don’t have many photos on that, and we shared about how important it is that we as a church are united and interconnected to each other. 🙂

After that we had simple praise and worship (one of my newly translated english to spanish worship song didn’t turn out quite right, but praise God still!). And this was followed by a fun discussion of What a committed person is like, and how we can grow in commitment to God and loving God. God, help us to build a great and strong church as we commit to loving you, loving others and sharing your love!

Check out the drawings and presentations! 🙂
Oh yes, the kids had fun too, in their children’s CG led by Carolina!


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