May visit to Fundación Remar

Last Saturday, we went to Fundación Remar for our monthly visit. 🙂 This month, the theme was Responsibility. We played tongue twisters (spanish ones) for warm up and started with a play about an irresponsible doctor. The kids had fun being pasted with curitos (handyplast) and acting as patients or nurses. Luis was the irresponsible doctor who told the kids that their injuries were nothing serious, and they could get another one on the other hand if they wanted to. haha..

We taught them some simple sentences in English and the kids learnt about what a responsible student, child and friend should do. I think the lesson was a little difficult, “responsible” is quite hard for them to pronounce. But anyhow, I think they learnt a little and enjoyed themselves. At the end, we served cake and juice as a mini celebration of Children’s Day for them. Children’s Day falls on 1 June in Ecuador. 🙂

We spoke to Maria, the director of Remar and she mentioned that we are the only group that is still visiting Remar and teaching the kids regularly. She is very thankful for us and appreciated our work there, sharing that we are also one of the few groups who come prepared and know what we can do with the kids. Thank God for using us to bless them this way!
Oh yes, praise God too, because the kids received 2 television donations the last 2 months! 🙂 Their other TV was almost broken because when they had only 1, the children would carry the TV around.. very dangerous. A sad news, however, was that due to the economic crisis, the children’s home is no longer receiving financial support and thus faces difficulties now. We learnt that Maria, the director who is Peruvian, is managing the home without a salary and lives on what the children they too live on. I was really touched when I heard that… another unsung hero among our midst, living the life of love, demonstrated by Jesus and Mother Theresa. We’ll keep the prayers and Maria too, in our prayers and continue to do our best for the children there. In our short few monthly sessions, I’ve seen some of the children grow, learn, and we’ve really been blessed as we bless them. Praise God 🙂


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