Primer Culto 24 May 2009!

Here are pics of our very blessed first service held in our new church on the 24 May 2009!

It was a rather long service, with extended praise and worship (6 songs before and 2 praise at the end! Didn’t get to take pics.. :p) and food (each family brought something to share!), but everyone was contented and enjoyed themselves, and we thank God muchissimo for his grace in helping us to get the place ready! Thank God for all the members who helped out to clean, paint, fix the place the past 1.5mths. It has been a hectic and tiring time, but we’re glad to be part of the team to construct our house of God. 🙂

ST preached on the how we can build a strong church – A Great Commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission builds a Great Church! A well preached sermon, convicted and full of energy. 🙂

Thanksgiving points:
1) God’s amazing provision and grace throughout the preparation!
2) Enthusiastic and committed members who helped during the whole 1.5 months and are still helping to fix up more things!
3) Help from even visitors, such as David who brought his whole sound/events team – Niniaqui, Jimmy, Ricky, Juan Gabriel, to join us during our first prayer meet and do up professional sound system for our first service.
4) And they in turn brought their families to our first service!! David also invited other friends along! Starbursting amen!
5) Other visitors and members who came back to visit us and join us after some time away!
6) We had 3 new babies at the service and at least 3 first time visitors!

Jesus, help us to keep on following you and build a strong and biblical church that is beautiful in our character, firm in our faith, joyful in serving and loves you and others wholeheartedly!


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