The cross on our floor

PR and the person laying the tiles designed an artistic cross on the floor with the tiles. It is beautiful and the people in our church love it. 😀 We thought the laying of the tiles will take 2 days but it took only 1 day. Thank God for answered prayers on speedy renovation. 🙂 The person laying the tiles did an excellent job too! 8) Below are a few photos of the floor before and after laying the tiles:



  1. Rejoicing with Hope Quito! The sanctuary really looks beautiful! Great job =) Do take more photos when the whole place is done and our prayers are with all our dear brothers & sisters in Quito. A big hug.

  2. Wow! Great work. It looks great. It must have been a terrific and meaningful experience for all of you to be able to build the church spiritually and physically. =)

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