Things yet to be done in new church place…

Tomorrow tiles are going to be laid in the new church place. We are having a prayer meet in the new church place this Friday night before having our first service this Sunday. 🙂 Some of the things to be done before the first service starts are as below:

1. Decoration of the children’s room
2. Touch up of painting in the main hall
3. Putting blinds over the windows
4. Hang a banner outside our church
5. Buy a table for the kitchen
6. Prepare the stage
7. Design graffiti on the wall of my office
8. Move the music instruments to the new church place

Do pray for us that the things above will be done smoothly and quickly, and we will have a wonderful first service on the 24 May. 8) Thank God for Sabrina and Claudia who design the invites for our first service. We are expecting more growth in the new church place. Do keep us in your prayers. 😀


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