Cleaning and Painting.. Painting and Cleaning!

The past month has been rather hectic as we’ve been doing the various preparations to renovate, clean, and get our new house-of-God ready – viewing and choosing materials, negotiating prices for the different work that’s needed, and finally cleaning and painting (a process that’s still on-going).

Though it has been tiring, it is satisfying to really get our hands dirty and see God’s house built up bit by bit. πŸ™‚ And it was enjoyable, planning and painting with our members. We’re very glad and encouraged to spend the time together with our people and see people giving their time and effort to construct this new house together!

There’s still more work to be done these next 2 weeks, do pray with us for the following:
1) Roof to be mended, floor tiles to be put in, electricity is in progress, children’s room to be painted (planning to draw a Noah’s ark in one room and graffiti in the other one!)
2) Pray for the workers to be diligent and prompt in completing the work. No procrastination! And for the work to be well-finished.
3) Pray for finances to come in, God to bless our members financially in these down-times, and also grant them a generous heart to bless God’s kingdom.
4) Pray for members to be encouraged and to grow more intimate to God as they serve, to bring more families and friends to the church.
5) Pray for strengthening, physically and spiritually, as we put our physical bodies to hard work and also gear up for greater spiritual growth as we move in.

As a church, we’ve also written the names of friends that we want to bring to the new church on the floor, before the tiles are put in. Something we did in SG that we’re doing here too, we’re going to look forward to hear stories of how God will bring them to the church, as they already have a place here! πŸ™‚

Here’s us in action:


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