Happy Birthday Emily! :)

This is a belated post.. :p

2 weeks ago, we celebrated Emily’s birthday. Haha… Emily is a fun, bubbly, mother-of-twins who always brings laughter to the people around her. She has been a great help to the church, taking charge of the Sunday school and leading praise and worship. A woman with a very soft heart for God and people, she’s one of the most invitational among us too! Many of her family and friends have come to (at least) visit our church! πŸ™‚ Her children have caught on her invitational spirit too! The twins, when they were playing with Lucas, the Pug at the picnic the other day, met three other little girls and immediately invited them to church! I was soo pleasant surprised! πŸ™‚
Though Emily is a very young mother and has gone through quite some difficult moments at her young age, she has learnt to depend and draw strength from God and still remains joyful throughout her difficult situations! A sweet and caring sister and friend and example for many of us and also the children in Sunday school. πŸ™‚ We love and appreciate her alot!

Here are pictures from her birthday.. haha.. celebrated Emily-style (because we know she would be game for it.. hahaha). First we celebrated at a Mexican restaurant with the team and we played Truth or Dare.. haha.. found out a few secrets of Emily through that! And they wowed us.. haha.. Emily also had to do quite a few dares.. which were very funny.. including one where she had to shout “Barcelona is the worse football team in Ecuador!” and she’s an avid fan of Barcelona.. awwwww… Check out the other dares in the pictures.
Second, we celebrated in CG… it was a “VERY SWEET” celebration.. hahaa.. full of cream! :p
Last week I also cooked Emily’s favourite… prawns! for her.. πŸ™‚ Will upload pics of that next time.. haha..

Meanwhile, enjoy:


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